Village at 1039!

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  1. Hi I am building a village at 1039 smp1 and I need much more materials and I'm running really low on rupees and I'd really appreciate if some of you could donate some stuff to me:)

    1. Nether brick
    2. All kinds of logs and wooden planks
    3. And maybe some rupees so I can shop the things I need by my self to:) If you want to donate you can tell me in a private message or in this thread and I'll put up a chest for you:)
    And I'll edit this post later if I need more materials than just bricks and wood:)
    Here are some pics and as you can see it's not done at all that's why I need your help:)

    Thank you and please donate:)

    2012-04-03_18.59.06.png 2012-04-03_18.59.29.png 2012-04-03_18.59.50.png 2012-04-03_19.00.07.png 2012-04-03_18.59.29.png

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  2. Just be careful about who you give your perms to. Newo88 built a village and it got griefed.
    EDIT: Nice texture pack
  3. No, I won't give any one perms I'm just asking for donations:D

    And thanks:) The texture pack is coterie craft it's goal is to be the new default:D
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  4. Anyone wanna donate?
  5. Please?
  6. I would love to but I wasted my rupees on cobblestone:(
  7. Ah..
    It's ok:)
    I don't need any more donators;)
    I have two huge! donators!
  8. Dont need any more donators? You can never get enough donators ;)
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  9. Haha! In fact I do I have like 20 stacks of nether brick already and double wood I think xD