[video] Wither Wood Farm - EMC

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  1. Nice video Sam. I wish I could build this farm, but the lag won't work for my computer.
  2. This build doesn't require a strong computer, kevdudeman and I don't have any problems with playing when the farm is on.
  3. Ah ok, I might see about building it then!
  4. I thought withers despawned even if named?
  5. In vanilla they dont. On EMC you cant even rename
  6. *misreads title as food*
    *imagines a wither tending to a farm growing crops*
    okay... :oops:
  7. do you think that you should be able to rename withers?
  8. You'd still be able to kill the wither afterwards right? and why isn't it destroying any blocks?
  9. However, the price of bonemeal must be horrible.
  10. If it was a snr. staff service where you pay 10k or something it'd be cool, otherwise it'd just be used as a grief tool.
    Yeah Im too much a wimp to do so, Id rather just log out.
    Not really, bones are free with mob farm / skeleton grinder.
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  11. Didn't you upload a video of you trying to kill a with on diff 10? xD
  12. I dont want to risk the wither destroying the redstone :p
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  13. Added a cobble gen into this but it's too slow. In other words, bump
  14. what do you mean by too slow?
  15. You only get about 1 cobble/second so it's just easier to mine.
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