[Video] Wither Hunter

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    Today, we solo 5 withers in one of our epic adventures in the world of
    EmpireMinecraft - with a few unexpected surprises. Thank you all so
    much for the support for my EMC Promotional Video, and stay tuned
    for loads more featured videos such as Let's Plays and new Minecraft
    Adventure maps! :DDDDDD Suggestions for let's plays, adventure maps,
    texture packs, etc. are always accepted and highly appreciated! :DDDDDD

    Make sure to check out Heyaroo's Channel for more content!

    Coming up:
    Herobrine's Return Custom Map (Multiple Parts) - Monday
    Portal 2 Let's Play - Next Week (TBA)
    Don't Starve Let's Play - Next Week (TBA)
  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels like day lasts short amounts and then night goes on forever. Can't wait to see more vids :D
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  3. Haha, Thlought you would die in the end part there ;)
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  4. that was awesome:D
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  6. Nice video, what type of Sphax texture pack you use? 64 or 32, I use 64 :D
  7. I use 128x :DDDD It's the best my computer can do without crashing lol :DDDDD
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  8. Want to have a beacon contest, portalshoo2er? :D
  9. Oooo how so? :DDDD
  10. Yay my End Tunnle is in a video lol, Great video Portal
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  11. Anyways, why did you wither my hut? :(
  12. I... I.... It was...I didn't know! lol :DDDDDDD
  13. Bump for other peeps who haven't seen it yet :D

    And is there a new video today? :DD
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  14. Oh Portal you and your Many many faces xDDDDDDDDDD
    (btw i can sell you some skulls) :p
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  15. Funny when the Wither escaped you that last time. And what brutal-minded player makes a wither in a random hut they find? lol
  16. one that hates me. -_-

  17. New video is up! :DDDDD
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