VIDEO - Things you may have missed in the guide!

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Did you learn at least 1 new thing from this video?

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No, all I knew all this stuff already... 15 vote(s) 83.3%
Yes! this was helpful! I learned at least 1 thing from this! 3 vote(s) 16.7%
  1. Well here it is. Leave a comment if you know more things about EMC that some players might have missed in the guide!
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  2. D: srry bad video quality, better video will be up very very shortly
  3. Alright! new video is up!
  4. Most of this stuff is actually in the Empire Guide...
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  5. if you are talking about the commands then yes, but im talking about the abbreviations. please do correct me if the abbreviations are also on the guide
  6. I knew all of this within 10 minutes of playing on this server dude. Feel bad for you, had to make that whole video.
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  7. RTS teleported?
  8. I am very offended that you say these things are not in the guide :( Everything is in the guide. If people needed a video for it they could have just watched mine.
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  9. I think it was helpful that C&P took the time to make this video and maybe help people that didnt know, and maybe understand things better when they see them.
  10. In all fairness, I did not know you could just do /tell [playername] to engage in a full convo until about February.
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  11. Instead of using /tell [playername] you can just use @[playername]
  12. Uhm, sure, maybe you did, but like he said MOST new players dont. Dont feel bad for him, hes contributing to the community. You should infact feel bad for yourself because all you are doing is putting people down....
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  13. LOL
    I see people is going hard on this guy.
    I totally aprove his work and think that the rest of you that are telling that this is on the guide are just jelly of it.
    Bro, make a series out of this, i'm shure there is lots more.
    Pm me if you want some other stuff i know that you dont ;)
  14. Why don't you just use MR2R2M account? :p
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  15. Because I log in to see rupees transactions and what not, and then start browsing the forums... I then start replying to posts at which stage I realise I am on this account.... Couldn't be bothered deleting and reposting XD
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  16. I didn't know you could abbreviate names in /tell before MR2R2M told me in like... January or December. Was pretty good on the other commands though. :P
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  17. Yay me :)
  18. :O mixed responses not sure what to do
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  19. I think you did a good job. Make another video about the EMC forums
  20. perhaps naming it "things you might have missed on the guide" will relieve the tension?
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