[Video] Smp6 Mob Arena Event

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  1. Hi,
    so I've been a member of EMC for a very very long time, but I've never really made any videos on here. The community events are my favorite part about the server, so I decided if I'm going to make videos on here, they will most likely be things like mob arena.

    This is my first video on these forums and this server. It is a mob arena event that I believe RainbowChin hosted on smp6 a little while ago. Hoping to expand my subscriber base to Empire Minecraft as well as gain EMC a little publicity and introduce some new players through my YouTube.

    It's a little longer than most videos on my channel - let me know what you think.

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  2. SMP6? I think you mean smp5 :)
  3. 1k subs and only 4 views !??!?

    Edit - nvm, saw the other videos and this just was uploaded...
  4. I posted it 2 minutes ago lol

    Was it? lol, luckily I didn't write smp6 on the thumbnail.
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  5. You're voice went deep...
  6. ya I was probably like 12 or something when I made my first video. I keep it on the channel for the lols