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  1. I have a app on my Windows where you can record stuff and post it on youtube and i wanna see if I and more people can make Emc popular so if you have any question about this pm me or comment under this ok i will post more videos if we get more and more people
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  2. I have screenium for mac...
    It is slighly un relyable though as the game plays at a solid 30fps but the video is 15-20 :(
    Witch is really anoyying for a $59 piece of software :)
  3. in my computer i can record and no lag so i can rely on it
  4. I can recod fine but the software is stuffing up :(
  5. If we get at least 4+ players then i can make up a place where to record
  6. Can you at least post a comment if you can record with me
  7. But here's the thing when it's time to record you will be in the wild so if you die you need to respawn there
  8. If you wanted I could host a server for you, and if you let me speak like on Skype or something i'll be happy :) I cant record and play Minecraft, it just makes me lag (I dont know why)
  9. Umm beause you are running a server while playing and recording :)
  10. Now I get it!
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