[Video Idea - Need Help] Military Motivational Video

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  1. Hey there guys! So I have a video idea, in fact it's an idea I've had for quite a while!

    So this video means a lot to me, I really need help producing this idea of mine, and there are a few of this kind out there, but they are all really crappy and not properly made with actual sayings and that. So i'll give you guys my idea

    So I've been wanting to make a Military Motivational Video. But not just any, I want proper ones with real clips, actual legit clips and little training snipets, and I want a lot of quotes of in real life, like if you have seen Lone Survivors, the quote my Shane Patterson who was Killed, that is a must. With some real motivational music. But I don't want it to be a SUPER pump up video, I want it so it just chills your whole body, I can make sure it is like this.

    I really need some decent editing skills. If you must have pay I will be willing to dig up some promos as this really does mean a lot to me.

    If you do have decent editing skills PM me and / or find me in game, also you can add me on skype, coopdawwwwg my picture is of my in my cam clothes. Just add both of the 2 accts that come up, they are both mine.

    Please reply to this thread! :D