[VIDEO] How to install GLSL Shaders for 1.4.7

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  1. Hey Guys after struggling to find out how to install the shaders mod I found out how!

    I just made this tutorial :p

    *You need magic launcher*

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  2. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
  3. Has anyone followed the tutorial?

    And if so did it work?
  4. Im trying soon.
  5. I would try, but my computer would crap itself if I tried to install a shader mod.
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  6. "It... is... edited...byyyyyy.... hm.... eh... *scrolls down*...
    'I might have to do another take' "
    I lol'ed :p
  7. wow thx, :D it worked for me
  8. Glad to here that!
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  9. It worked, but I didn't use magic launcher, thanks for telling me how to put the .fsh and .vsh files into the shaders folder :D.
  10. How do you turn off the blurry movement when I turn the screen?
  11. You need to download another version of the Sonic Ethers mod that says no motion blur :)
  12. Ah :)
  13. Bump if anyone wants to know.
  14. You can also find the setting in either the .vsh or .fsh notepad file and disable it. :)
  15. If you need extra helping knowing how to do this add me on skype

  16. Any ideas on how to get more fps on Minecraft with the mod?
  17. Oh I 'm going to try this right now, before, for some reason I couldn't watch the video. And now I know how you sound! Awww!