Video game Mythbusters #2, POLYBIUS

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  1. Polybius is a arcade game that was supposedly made by the US government. It supposedly made players to hallucinate, have nightmares, and become suicidal. It has had bright, flashy graphics, which means the game was even worse to play if you were prone to seizers. The game was released into the wild, in a controlled area around Seattle, in 1981. Men is black came to collect info from the game, and the sped off. Here are some pictures.

    Now, what you have been wondering, is this real, or just a myth. Well, its fake. Reasons.

    1. No game has ever been found
    2. Most in-game pictures are from emulators, which means they are not real pictures.
    3. One of the supposed works on the game got most of his info from Wikipedia.

    Well, this, like my last one, is busted. Tell me what you would like to see next! :)
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