Video game Mythbuster #1, LAVENDER TOWN SYNDROME

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  1. Hello and welcome to the first Video game Mythbuster! In todays post, we will be talking about... LAVENDER TOWN SYNDROME. If you don't know what Lavender town syndrome is, let me explain a little bit. Lavender town is a town in the Pokemon series, but we are talking about the Fire Red and Leaf Green Lavender town. In this version, the town is all about DEATH. This town is home to the Pokemon tower, which is basically a graveyard. This was a sudden blow to the players, as before now, they thought pokemon simply fainted, not die. This was not the only creepy part. The most creepy part was its theme. I myself like the theme, but when the game was released in Japan, it was reported that many players were getting headaches from the theme, and some committing suicide, due to high pitched notes, that only people from the ages 15-11 could hear. If you want to hear it, here it is.

    When the game was released in America, parts of the theme were changed, mostly the high pitched sounds. Now, you guys are wondering if this is true? Well..... This myth is busted. Why is it busted? Ever since the Pokemon episode that gave a bunch of kids in Japan seizures, the Japaneses media would have reported anything that happened as it happened, this story didn't surface until around 2005.

    Well, that's about all about this myth! Hope you liked it! :)

    P.S, I got this idea when I was waiting for my grinder to fill up.
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  5. I recently started playing yellow again on an emulator on my phone and I was waiting in anticipation for this song forever! I love it!!!
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