[Video] EMC Harlem Shake

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  1. Because we just had to :p

    This was filmed after the Valentine's Day drop party in the new empire shop! Thanks for everyone who stayed after and filmed :D
  2. Woo! First :D
    Awesome video lol, at the beginning I was like "WHAT!?!?! How did funky make it in the shot but not me!??!?" But then I realized what was happening, lol
  3. You have wowed us all once again, your work is amazing heyaroo. I love it. =) EDIT: I am also the boy with the purple hair next to dwight. :)
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  4. Yeee I'm in the first part
  5. Im in it the first part :p
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  6. Next time when your gonna make a video, can you tell me?
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  7. Almost make it to the video. I had to run for a voucher. :( Maybe next time, maybe.
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  8. LOL!! Awesome once again
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  9. Ok I'll make a status on my profile and/or make a thread for it next time
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  10. If there's going to be a next time, I'll be there. Promise.
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  11. Awesome vid :D, can't wait for the next one :p
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  12. Awesome video!But, theres only supposed to be 1 person dancing and then everyone else is just doing normal stuff.Until the base drop.
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  13. I saw funky and cody!

    Edit: And Seffy!
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  14. I have yet to figure out why this is like...the next biggest thing to Gangnam Style. Every video that I looked at on youtube I was like

    But this one made me laugh. :) Good job! I always miss these.
  15. I know :p The absolute original though had 4 people but then someone else made another one that became more famous with one person. well according to this article I read... XD
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  16. As always, I missed it.
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