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  1. I've been considering making an original animated movie/video for a while, based on a little comic I made in high school called "The Adventures of MicroMan" (I might have to change the name due to conflicting copyrights, but that's a different story). To even make this a possibility, I need a program that will let me do frame-by-frame animation, maybe vector graphics, and other visual effects - scrolling, fading, groovy wormhole-looking spiral things, etc. For sound, I need to be able add sections of music/voices/sound effects at different points in the video. I also have a youtube channel - user name "Smartishness" that I'd like to be able to polish a bit. Can you guys recommend any free or cheap video software that will let me do these things? I'm using Windows 7, so no mac programs, please.
    Thanks in advance!
  2. Animated movie? Pencil, if your cheap like I am, don't want to pay a cent, and don't really care for the all important motion tween function. Anime Studio is a pretty good option too. Flash if you have about
    $800 dollars just lying around.
  3. Adobe After Effects is a great software for frame-by-frame! Though it is $1000.00

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  4. It also costs $1000 dollars. Unless someone finds a torrent file, I'm not, and I'm pretty sure he's not, using any Adobe software.
  5. TBH - Either way your paying a crap ton of money - 1K to buy it or 600K to steal it..
  6. One word: Proxy. (?)
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  7. He's looking for animation software, according to his description of the software requirements.
  8. Ok then. In that case, I found that Adobe after effects is the best paid. But, it is $1000. So, I did some digging and found that the best free software is Monkeyjam. Another good one is Clayanimator. One that I've had personal experience with is Stykz, though this is strictly for stick figures.
  9. I've had experience with Pivot. Here's an example of what you can do with it if you're interested in using it. It is, however, only possible to use with stick figures.

    The best free software I can reccomend to you is Clayanimator. I haven't had much experience with it yet, but it used to make stop motions.

    The only other one I can reccomend to you is Adobe After Effects, but your only way out of its overpricey-ness of £619 is through downloading a torrent, which is highly illegal and I do not reccomend you do.
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  10. I'm prety sure Adobe has a free kind of flash with less features but same principles.
    I'll edit when I remember the name.
  11. I am using mine-inator for some simple Minecraft animations, something for you? :D