Video Capture Noob (please advise)

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  1. Hey everyone!

    So I've started posting more on the forums, and sharing my projects/progress. I am very interested in learning how to video-capture some flyovers and demonstrations, but I don't really know where to start. I can edit video, I just don't know about getting the footage in the first place. So here's a few basic questions:

    1. What program/software is the 'best'? By best I really mean free and safe to download on my family computer. Also, I will not be doing audio, just video, so I'm not worried about audio recording.
    2. Is there any hardware/ other purchases I need?
    3. I am going to assume that if I create a youtube channel, uploading and linking should be easy.... true?
    4. As a more general visual question: I have a utopia res, and I can't seem to tweak my render distance to include my whole plot. Any suggestions here (i've tried messing with the chunks and graphics(fast/fancy) mostly, but still can't get the whole thing in a shot.

    Thanks a ton for any advice!
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  2. Give this a try. It is a safe, free, open source screen capture program that works pretty well. Also, no watermarks. You shouldn't need any special hardware.
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  3. Thank you jkrmnj !
  4. 1. B4d's recommendation - Fraps
    2. Hardware wise , you may need some external harddrives to store your recorded data on. You may also need to purchase some editing softwares, but you seem to have them covered already (hopefully with your previous knowledge)
    3. As long as you don't include and copyrighted material in your videos then approval will be fine on the youtube end. you can then use the video URL to embed the video wherever you desire.
    4. On EMC the SMP and Utopia servers are set to 5 chunk render distance from your avatar. This can be bypassed by downloading a mod called WorldDownloader, this will make a singleplayer world on your computer which you can set your custom render distance to using your client. It will also allow you to make those nice fly throughs which you spoke about too using the creativemode of SinglePlayer.
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  5. +1, Really cheap for the video quality it gives (I get 1080p on everything I record). Only problem is that it eats your FPS, especially if you're using shaders/bigger resource packs, so you need good hardware.

    4 for town and 6 for the wilderness*. :p
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  6. I would recommend starting with obs and moving up to fraps if you discover it doesn't do what you want it to do.
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  7. Doesn't Fraps only record about 15 seconds of footage unless you buy the full version?
  8. Thank you all so much for the speedy & helpful advice! &Thanks 5IMON on #4 that will be especially helpful with what I'm trying to do!
  9. another recommendation if you have a nividia graphics card is to use shadow play. it will keep you fps high while recording. i also +1 to OBS which is what jkrmnj recommended. i use it when im streaming and it allows a lot of in recording overlays
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  10. To get the entire utopia residence in one shot, I suggest you use world downloader. ;)

    It allows you to download the loaded chunks of a world. Then, install optifine and in single player set the render distance setting to as large as you need to include the entire residence. Note: Often, the larger the render distance, the more hardware intensive it will be. Recording takes up a lot already, so you might get a low FPS rate while trying to record a large area.
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