[Video] A Let's Play! Zombie Apocalypse

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  1. A Let's Play Featuring, Heyaroo, OrigamiJoe, T1zzle120, PortalShoo2er, Thecontroller, Haerhitman, and night_triumph.

  2. SOo you come back to EMC to promote your channel........
  3. may i please ask what server this is ?
  4. Well I mean we're gonna do EMC videos soon (such as featuring residences and mob arenas) :D might as well promote the channel and show what we have so far on here now :p
  5. it's my own server.
  6. Great job on the video, I have to ask you what you record the video with? Fraps or camtastia?
  7. I think i remember thecontroller saying she uses camtasia
  8. Haha I just watched someone play this... I fact I'm watching it right now.
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  9. Being a *meanie* about it isn't very nice.

    If you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all. I didn't come back to EMC to promote my channel, its not even my channel, it's heyaroo's.

    I came back to EMC because I want to play, not because I want to advertise my channel.
  10. I use Snapz Pro X because I have a mac :p
  11. Thanks so much to everyone who supported us on our first month (more like first 2 weeks XD) on YouTube. Here is a recap. Stay tuned for Feburary, it's going to be filled with more gameplay with EMCers, a parody and EMC videos! :D

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  12. Lol nice
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