Victim of Grief? Help is here!

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  1. Hello fellow Minecraftians. :)

    As some of you may or may not know Sopby and I have set up a little shop on SMP3 (6024). The idea of this shop was not for personal gain, but to help victims of grief. We do not spend any of these rupees that we receive on ourselves. They have been earmarked for victims.

    However, we have run into a minor problem. We've got all this money and nobody to give it to! It seems that nobody is aware of our good intentions as they haven't come forwards about grief.

    If you, or anybody you know, is a victim of grief, please message me on the site and I will do a full investigation and hopefully pay out some rupees as a compensation to the victims.

    Also, if you have any spare items, we buy most things for 1r at our shop. The reason the sale price is so low is that you are supposed to donate to charity, not sell.

    I hope (or rather hope not) to hear from y'all. :)
  2. Somebody on some server was pretty majorly griefed. Gosh, I cant think of who it was now. I wil ltry to remember. Are there Free donation boxes as well? Can we donate our time to help them rebuild?
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  3. There are no free donation boxes, but I accept donations by message. People who donate by message also get their name on the donator's wall. And if you get in touch with someone who's been griefed you could ask them. I plan on putting up a 'we've helped...' wall which will feature all the victim's names if you want to help them out yourself. Before I can do that, I need someone to investigate :p
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  4. On it boss. I feel as if it was on smp5. Not sure.
  5. Here come the beggars. Thanks for giving back though!
  6. Gosh malicaii, your so nice to do this, but how can you avoid the liers?
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  7. I use my heightened spidey senses.
  8. Gonna go post this to the LLO thread :D
    We always get griefed :oops:

    Thanks for this and I'm glad you posted.
    I have a suggestion: Place a thread in your signature for this!
    I wish you luck and will donate stuff in a bit(aka: When I get to town on smp3, Hopefully tonight :D )
  9. Is this like Pork Sense?
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  10. Is being stolen from count as being griefed? If so I have a case for you.
  11. I was actually considering this. Might do it tomorrow. 3:20am. Think it's time for some sleep.
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  12. We're willing to help anybody we can. If you have/can prove that it's legit.
  13. #EG2012
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  14. Nice! No, really! Test #3 can anyone see this?
  15. Yes I can see it. :/ its #2a2a2a on More Options you know that right? Also #EG2012
  16. Can you see this?
  17. I can see it barely
  18. I can still see it...It's like this... You can only see this when you quote my post :L
  19. is this for grifed wild community too?
  20. You see my text XD