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  1. So as you all know (or don't know) the deadline for VFW's is Wednesday. If you don't know what the VFW's are, they are the Veteran's of Foreign Wars. Every year they have a topic, and teens across the globe compete in their speech competition. This year the topic is "Is the constitution still relevant?"
    And for all ya'll's entertainment, here is my speech.

    *Note* Lots of grammar errors I know. But please enjoy. :D
    *Note 2* It isn't in my normal font color because I don't want to make ya'll blind. ;)

    One day in history class we were learning about the constitution. My history teacher is going on and on about how the constitution is no longer relevant. It comes to a point where I actually question myself as to whether the constitution is relevant or not. Skip forward to dinner time with my all American family. Hamburgers, hot dogs, any American’s dream meal. As my family is enjoying their food and sharing their daily stories I feel the need to ask my dad the question that has been on my mind for a while. So I say it. “Is the constitution still relevant?” My dad doesn’t even need to think about it, he automatically replies with “Yes son, and let me tell you why, the constitution is the foundation of the U.S, without the constitution, the country would be a mess, and the constitution is amendable so that it can remain relevant.”
    My father went on, “let me tell you something son.” The founders didn’t die. They are with us every day. Every time we get a quick and speedy trial, they are there. Every time we need our privacy, they are there. And every time we express our views, every time we speak our minds to the world, they are there. The founders didn’t die. The founders live on in their constitution, and with it, they laid a foundation that has remained unbroken for over 200 years.
    “and another thing” he said. If we didn’t have that constitution the country would be a mess. Imagine the worst possible thing you can imagine, and make it worse. Without the constitution, the government wouldn’t treat us the same. They could tell us where to work, how to dress, what religion we could be. The constitution was made to prevent this dystopian society. Without the constitution here today, our wives, daughters, sons, our family would be subject to lives so awful we can’t even begin to comprehend.
    Then he said “I know what you’re thinking, the constitution is so outdated it’s beyond use.” This isn’t the case. You see, the founders had foresight. So they made the constitution flexible, and changeable. There are things the constitution allows that the founders had no way of knowing, such as the budgeting of space exploration. Then there is the case of the amendments, the founders full proof plan to make sure constitution will always remain relevant. Think 1933. Think 21st amendment. The current leaders of our great nation changed the constitution to keep it relevant to the times. This has happened time and time again through our history, and will continue to happen as long as we are a nation.
    My dad took a deep breath, and said “So son, your history teacher was wrong. Understand? “ His ranting was done, but his impression of the constitution’s relevance was not, and I must say that I am glad. Glad that I live in America where the constitution lays a firm foundation. Glad that the constitution keeps our great nation from being a mess. Glad that the founders had the foresight to make the constitution flexible and amendable so that is remains relevant. And glad that I asked this question that was bothering me so much. Because now I am certain the constitution is as relevant as it was over 200 years ago, when was was signed.
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  2. +1.Seems nice.

    I kinda read a bit of the first paragraph and a bit of the last. :p
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  3. After listening to the audio of the past winners. (You send it in with audio of you reading it.) I realized that all the winners write their speeches in a sort of story. So I tried that approach.

    Wait until my debate coach sees it. She's gonna kill me. XD
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