VERY Temporary Downtime Scheduled For Friday 6/14/13

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by IcecreamCow, Jun 12, 2013.

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  1. Our server host has noticed a minor glitch in one of the routers that our server uses. They've informed us that it COULD lead to bigger problems, so they're taking the initiative to change it out before that happens and gave us a downtime window of about 10 minutes to do this. Their plan is to get it done on Friday, at 1AM Central it could be late Thursday to super early Friday depending where you live.

    Should the router completely crap out before then, they have one ready to put on immediately, and again should only be about 10 minutes of downtime if that happens.

    Not a big deal we know, but we figure we should let you know either way so you know that things are okay when it goes down then. :)

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  2. Good to know, thanks
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  3. *Insert bad aikar joke here*
  4. Good to know. If I never saw this, I probably would've freaked out on Friday :D
    EDIT: Third.
  5. Third.
    EDIT: Ninja'd
  6. Fifth
    Ermgerd! No EMC for 10 minutes! But but but this Friday is the last Friday of school!
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  7. OK:) that's midnight for me sooo... i shouldnt be on.
  8. Hehehe I got out last Thursday.......
  9. I could survive 10 minutes. I'll just get a life for 10 minutes.
  10. Great, but i still think we'll see 3-4 "What happend to SMP9" threads :)
  11. My school district will be the last out of school out of all the districts in CA. Why, ask the district office. :/ I get out next Wed.
  12. LOL I think that's because most of the NR are on smp 9 and they always think they crash the server :p
  13. Yes, it's the traditional Neorepublican DDoS.... er, I mean.... Happy birthday! *throws confetti in face and runs away*
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  14. Nope, we already look into that or BigDavie did and took care of most notable device that was causing lag on the server but like ICC said it is the server hardware causing it.
  15. Well at least I can get something to eat in 10 minutes.
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  16. That works.
    Is that why that smp1 rollback happened?
  17. Haha I get out in 4 weeks.


  18. doesn't really matter for me, because ill be asleep when it happens
  19. 10 whole minutes?! thats like 30 baby cows i cant kill i expect compensation in the form of someone somewhere killing baby cows
  20. Melk agrees
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