Very important vote, about the future of EMC.

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Which game changing feature should come first?

Dragon Tombs 67 vote(s) 65.0%
Mail 32 vote(s) 31.1%
Banana 3 vote(s) 2.9%
Hamsters 1 vote(s) 1.0%
  1. Gimme your vote. Now.

  2. Mailz.
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  3. I would totally vote dystopia but I know other stuff should come first ;(
    I can't wait to work on more ways to kill everyone :)
  4. Enjoy reading death logs? :p
  5. Game world, game world, game world!
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  6. To me, this is actually a very legit hard question. I REALLY want dragon tombs and bring EMC forward, but you can't go wrong with mailing friends either. It depends to me;

    which will be faster to develop?
  7. Dragon tombs. Mail will have to succeed dragon tombs with nothing in between though.
  8. dragon tombs, dua you can pm on the forms
  9. You should totally have a nasty little Dystopia town where there are no monster/damage flags and the residences are as small as the ones in the tutorial town. And where the streets are made of podzol or dirt or something (we really need a dung block) and the trees are all kinda dead. :) But yes, I totally want the mail, assuming it wouldn't take that long to do.
  10. STOP IT!

    That's my thing. You stick to red bulls and coding.
  11. *Submits write-in ballot for Guilds* .. :3
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  12. I want Dystopia!!!
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  13. Isn't mail required for Dragon Tombs?
    I vote more kinds of Mini Bosses/Enraged mobs (I know it's not on the todo list, but I'm pumped for the day when more come out)
  14. Uhh.. dragon tombs because it has dragons and tombs. I like them
  15. I kind of want dystopia first too :3 I need a challenge... Mobarena is fun, but everyone dies too fast. I prefer my deaths slower and painful :D
  16. *aims at random player* *spawn 200 creeper*

    trent948 was blown up by 200 creepers.
  18. I didn't go to six years of Evil Medical School to be called "Mr.", thank you very much.