Very bad server lag on SMP4

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by SignifiedSix, May 4, 2012.

  1. The server is lagging really bad. It gets annoying when you're trying to mine/build and the blocks keep loading back every 5 seconds. I know its not me, because i have a very strong connection. :/

    Anyone else having any lag problems on the other servers? If so, maybe we need a server reset? :O
  2. no i don't think a server reset would help and that would mean I would loose my DIAMOND shock horror
  3. Ohhh, no i didn't mean a complete server reset. Just shut it down and restart it :p
  4. Oh thats ok then:D
  5. Unless of course there's a huge glitch somewhere in the world of SMP4 and required a whole world reset. That would suck lol
  6. Yeah. I normally just relog, but sometimes I wait it out in a hole somewhere.
  7. Lol, then you're wasting time xD
  8. I'm lagging pretty bad too :/