Vert Ares [Establlished]

Discussion in 'Frontier and Player Outposts' started by Marktanion, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. owner: Marktanion
    server: smp5
    name: Vert Ares
    persons: 1
    locked chest in center of outpost
    can pm exact coordination
  2. Exact coordinates that is.
  3. If you are going to start a outpost put more Info. No Offence but this post looks like it was done in 1 min without thought.
  4. Dude, this is just for the empire wild policy to get an outpost established. Not public.
  5. No offense taken. If I've left out info they will need to ok my claim please tell me. Maybe I should have called it registering land. It's really not an outpost yet just a island with lots of potential. It has at least 5 different Bios all in its 1000 x 1000 size and the women ... well ... I best not say.
  6. /establish Have fun making your outpost. Looks like a great site :D
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  7. Thanks to all for the help!