Version: 1.6 (preperation for the servers)

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  1. As we know v.1.6 has just been released and were simply awaiting till all the smp servers gets updated so while we wait why don't we brace ourselves a little bit? In 1.6 there will be name tags so why not the best idea is to suggest names to other members to what they can name they're pet or whatever. Second there will be some recipe changes for the glistering melon (8x gold nuggets instead of 1), so we better start making a lot because there will be gold needed to make some. Finally......idk what else to add ._. Suggest more idea if you would like XD
  2. Waot, was that recipe change not only for the gamerule with no natural healing? :s
  3. If you find a spawner before the update and for example, it has some iron, after the update it WILL not have anything else exept what you found last time, this happens because that chunk was loaded before the update and nothing from the update will spawn inside the 1.5 chunk.
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  4. I don't understand what you mean =w= and it best not to ask me the questions since i'm not much of the expert here xD
  5. The recipe is now 8 golden nuggets around the melon right?
  6. yep
  7. Chests are randomized when a chunk is loaded. Even if you find a chest now, the contents will be loaded as they would've in 1.5, even in 1.6.
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  8. Yes, the only thing the gamerule changes is the ability to regenerate. Even without it on, the recipe for golden apples is now with ingots and glistering melons now require 8 nuggets.
  9. alright thanks i'll edit it