Ventrillo,Teamspeak or Mumble

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by xoluss, Jul 8, 2012.

  1. I have been thinking about a type of chat system that the Emc community could use and i was wondering if someone (Justin Guy or ICC) could set a Ventrillo,Teamspeak or Mumble server up for each one of the servers, so that everyone in the community could grow closer. I think it would help the everyone on all of the servers. Please post your thoughts on the comments. :)
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  2. Ventrillo servers would be awesome
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  3. Teamspeak would be amazinggg! I'd defiantly come on and talk to people!:D
  4. well for EMC i think Teamspeak would be just fine
  5. with mumble you can have one server with a lot of grops(one for each emc server) so you do not have to get 10 servers you will only need one
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  6. My color? :eek:
    What is this blasphemy!
    Also, Teamspeak is the same way. I think teamspeak is the best choice, and it would be super cool if Justin made the community one.
  7. no the colors r different you have 00ffff i have 33cccc and i did not know teamspeak wus the same i never used it so i would not know
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  8. we have TS3. its hosted by ismooch
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  9. Aikar has a mumble. Most of the time there's very few on it though.
  10. What is the address? I will hop on. :)