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  1. i m making a place where people can drop their unwanted stuff( pls keep the dirt for urself) also a bank where they can keep their vaulables as long as they want to! anyway if i steal sooner-later i ll get banned so no reason for not trying it!;)
  2. People have tried this before and it's been shot down if I'm not mistaken. I would probably talk to a mod before doing this.
  3. this is refreshing, here drop of the useless stuff you don't want! but leave the dirt to yourself. <--- then there is NO point.
    dirt is something i could care less about, everything else is sellable, and worth at least something.

    also, a place to keep your valuables. ... that would be OUR OWN res, our own chests, where people can't get it... i wouldn't leave dirt with someone who clearly states "if i steal, i'll get banned anyway" i mean, are you trying to make people laugh and run away!? certainly you HAD to try for that.

    and as panda stated, you wont be aloud, take this to a mod and i'm sure you'll be told no.
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  4. *pig* Herez ma diamondz sir, you better not steal 'em!
    *wartex* I wont..... >:]
    *pig* can i have my diamondz bak now pleas?
    *wartex* Wut diamondz? >:]
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  5. k make funof it,im just trying to help peaople when i can but ok...
  6. LoL :D
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