Vault in the Wild

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  1. Vault in the Wild
    I had this idea... I love using /vault in town, and I'd love it even more if I/we could use it in the wild too. I know that it's a set challenge, to not use it, but if you could perhaps increase the amount of rupees it takes per vault open in the Wild, it would be much more beneficial. Instead of being 10 rupees in the wild, it could be 100, or 1000. I'm sorry if this has already been posted, I may have missed it.;)

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  2. No. Just no. It ruins the fun of dying, running to get your stuff, getting slayed by mobs, and falling in lava. It would Kinda take out the Vanilla of EMC.
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  3. Can you post the bear, I can't right now...
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  4. TOO LATE!!'
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  5. I just asked once, not 3 times :p
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  7. Possibly the main reason for vault not being accessible in wild is because EMC will always keep wilderness as legit as possible. We will have to wait and see what options we will have regarding the ender chest on smp servers when the time comes though. :)
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  8. I think the ender chest should be left as is. Per player, per server, placeable anywhere provided you get the mats to make it. If it has a negative effect on the economy then limit it to 10 chests or 5 dbl chests per server.
  9. I actually hate the vault system we have right now. It's too easy to destabilize economys on the servers. As such i say no to this and i would like to suggest reducing the current vault to half its current size.
    If the enderchests are released, they should be limited to 1 per player as these will have a massive affect on the current wild system.
  10. Actually you can only have 1 dbl chest that's it
  11. No. This would allow for wild community members to pretty much never have to leave their community at all. This has been suggested before, and has been denied for giving wild members an extreme edge, and ruins the vannila aspect from the game.
  12. Exactly how does the current vault hurt the economy?
  13. were do get memes at
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  14. By people going to one server, bulk buying all of an item dirt cheap then moving it to another server and flooding the market with under-priced items.
  15. Then could you name someone who does that in a LARGE BULK? I see many people doing for small amounts, but not EXTREMELY large amounts.
  16. Yeah, thats not a problem at all...
  17. Lol, no way! That's what I'm doing right now!