Vault 2 - The Wastes

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  1. Yes, I made a new skin.
    Which has inspired me to make a Vault, coincidentally.

    In the Empire Wasteland Wilderness
    I'll give Vault 2 some back story in a bit. Be prepared, wastelanders. :p
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  2. did somebody steal your pipboy? :O
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  3. Uhh...

    It's an implant? :p (You never saw any Pip-Boy more advanced than the Model 3000A...)
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  4. sooo
    were is "vault 2" its not on my map?
  5. You don't have the DLC required for it to show up on your Pip-Boy.
    Go buy it for 999,999.95 USD.
  6. What site did you use? XD
  7. Ah, yes, the old school way ;) I use plain old SkinEdit
    If I get your point, you want to recreate the Fallout Vault ?
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  8. Very nice, i like your style crazy :)
  9. There were a few 'broken' things in it when I made it originally, though they are fixed in the skin I actually wear. :p