Vault 101

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  1. Welcome To Vault 101
    Welcome To Vault 101
    Hard work Is Happy Work
    I am fluffinator09 your new Overseer, I thank you for choosing Vault 101
    In Vault 101 we seek to provide you the best arrangements at the cheapest prices!
    We will take you through any sort of apocalypse, be it earthquakes or war,
    you will survive!!
    The Vault is still under construction and will always be.
    We are currently able to hold five individuals.
    As we expand more rooms (and better ones) will be added!
    Level One Room (Shown): 50 Rupees Per Reseved Week
    Level Two Room: 100 Rupees Per Unused Week
    Level Three Room: 175 Rupees Per Unused Week
    (Prices Are Subject To Change Without Notice Or At Any Time)
    More Ammenities Will Be Added And This Will Be Updated As Nessecary
    The Vault Will Be Open For Tour When This Is Public!
    Save Your Life Today!
  2. Fallout fan much?

    Also, you know you're doing it like a sir when this is the most recently active thread over 4 times at once.
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  3. Please have a Mod Lock/Delete your double Thread Posts... It was probably just a glitch... Maybe
  4. Looks cool. Might check it out
    And what texture pack is that?

  5. Yea :p It said I didnt post them just "server error" so what did I do...?
    click the button alot
  6. I already pmed a mod
  7. Check Here: Fallout
  8. Looks awesome man!
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  9. We currently have an atrium (meeting place), bedrooms, half finished mess hall, and a half finished pig race (for 1.4!).
  10. I need my BB gun to kill some Rad-Roaches :p
  11. Omg sorry but I just died laughing when I saw "PP gun"!!!!
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  12. I hate my Iphone so much right now lol
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  13. :) it happens to all of us…
    @$%# you autocorrect!!!
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  14. If you have extra food or ice blocks and chests I may be willing to buy them!!!
  15. I will donate some chicken
  16. Cooked or not and how much?
  17. Today I plan on finishing the mess hall and pig racing as well as adding a meat locker.
  18. Cooked Three Stacks
  19. Thanks!
    I'll set up an access chest for you when I get on!
  20. Ok, but won't be able to get on until Friday D: