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How are my services?

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  1. Hey everyone you may have saw my post a few days ago about starting a shop.

    Well my shop is now open to the pulic on SMP9 res #18801!
    it is my second res and it will be growing in the next few days to more than just an enchantment shop but also a regular shop with villager trading and all sorts of shenanigans.

    This is the Official shop post and if you guys need/want anythingg that you can't find in the store then pleaseeeeee feel free to PM me on the site only to send me your request i will take all kinds of enchantment orders except orders like " uhh can i have like a double chest of silk touchezz?" No. i will not be offering double chest of any type of enchantments only items but i will not take request for items in bulk you will just have to wait until i post an auction or you see a sign in my shop. I will restock my shop with whatever i have new every other day or every two days. Please do not PM me about being out of stock, with these prices i expect to be.. BUT i will do my best to maintain stock and keep your request going.

    Villager trading now available at my shop up stairs!

    I have a board in my shop to give you all news just check there for special sales and offers.

    I also have to right to decline any request but i will try my hardest to take all of them as long as they are not extraordinary but then again i will attempt those too :p

    This post may be edited to add more services and such.

    Thank you all for your time, come by 18801 for all your enchanting needs!

    PLEASE NOTE: the shop IS STILL under construction.

    EDIT: if you can sell Enchanted Books (idk if you can), i will sell them as WELL!
  2. Anyone stopped by yet?
  3. aare you going to be selling books
  4. I wasnt aware you could sell them in shops yet? can you?
  5. u may be able to
  6. Well then yes if i can i will sell them as well!