Various Supporter Vouchers

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  1. I got one Diamond, and a couple Gold supporter vouchers left in a sell chest at my main res, SMP7 @ 14377. I offered to friends and people who seemed to really need them at first, but I figured I would offer this to the wonderful people in EMC for a limited time.

    Diamond = 165k (After your larger monthly rupee bonus (+36k), its only "really" 129k)
    Gold = 70k (After your larger monthly rupee bonus (+18k), its only "really" 52k)

    They are in my wool room. Warp into my res, turn around, go past my horse/jeb sheep and you should see the room made out of wool. Door should be open.

    I also have two iron, but do not have sell chests for those.
    I would prob do 30k each. PM me if interested in iron.
  2. Well, Diamond is sold out, faster than I expected!
    Got a couple gold supporter left!
    I will try and revise this when sold out as well.
  3. I'll take 1 gold!
  4. OK, well it seems that they are all sold out!
    I will update the thread once more are put in!

    Thanks guys, and bear in mind that the next round there may be a little less in quantity due to me pledging some vouchers for being donated to ... something ... ;)
  5. Do I suspect what these are for?