Vanishing Sugar Cane

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  1. Thought I'd post on this because a few players were remarking on in the chat.

    Symptom : You plant sugar cane farm and leave it to grow. When you come back you find sections of your farm bare of cane.

    Theory : Because of chunk load distances it's possible for the water blocks next to certain rows of cane to spawn out. The server then uproots the cane blocks thinking they do not have access to water.

    Anyhow this is just a theory. I have a large flat area of sugar can and I often see whole rows of bare dirt when I return.
  2. This affects cocoa also when the cocoa bean is in a different chunk from the jungle log.
  3. You know I came on here looking for a fix for this exact problem for I have this very issue on my res. The thing is though with mine I have rows on either side of the water blocks, yet only one side keeps vanishing and it's not every block (one or two on the end of the row remain). I was thinking of trying a res biome change as a fix (theory- the change might affect a bug in the coding for those spots) just to see if it works but that is alot of tokens to commit on a hunch.
  4. It's an issue with chunk lines. If your residence is on the edge of someones view, the chunk with the water isn't loaded so it thinks theres no water.

    You can make the water 2 lines thick to avoid it. I can't really easily fix it either without changing crops to never grow on edge of loaded chunks (which may be a good idea for performance though)
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  5. Hey thanks Aikar! You just gave me a good idea, I can just place another water block line with a space in between and that should fix the chunk edge issue and give me more that are plantable at the same time.
  6. JesusPower, Thank you for starting this. I along with a couple others share a cane farm. We come to grab cane only to find a whole row missing. Each thinking the other must have not noticed that they took the whole row instead of just the top. Haha, good to know we aren't going nutso.. well, anymore than we are already. lol
    Thank you as well Aikar for the explanation. =]
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