Vanilla Pre Paid Cards

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Has your Pre Paid Cards work the last 2 days?

Yes 3 vote(s) 27.3%
No 2 vote(s) 18.2%
Have not Tried 6 vote(s) 54.5%
  1. Hey EMC,

    I recently got a Vanilla Pre Paid card to pay for some vouchers anyway long story short, It would not let me use the card online, Every time i tryied it said "Could Not Verify Card". So i tried on both PayPal accounts. and still not work. I called Paypal and they see the issue and i called Vanilla and they said they have had the issue apear 3 days ago and had made a support ticket. They have told me that they will call my cell when its fixed, I will try and post here when i know its fixed.

    So if you get a Vanilla Pre Paid Card, just wanted to let you know that there is a bug with them, Wont be able to use them online with a paypal checkout.

    Some cards are:
    -Visa Vanilla
    -MasterCard Vanilla

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  2. Error Message

    We were unable to verify this card. Please review and make sure that the information you entered is correct. If the problem persists, please enter a different card.

    That's the message you will recive when trying to use Vanilla Cards on Paypal. As it stands the issue is still out there.
  3. The Issue is still out there.
    As it stands there is no pre paid cards in ontario canada that you are able to use online.
  4. Just checking will account codes i would buy from like Target still work you think?
  5. I used one of those before and the only reason it wouldn't work is because it has a transaction fee even online so when I used the card it took the transaction fee and left me with $.75 less then when I started. Oh the card was the exact amount that the purchase was.
  6. I am not sure what you mean, All i know is there is a Bug with Vanilla PrePaid cards, here is a Example:
    and when you try to use it online on paypal the card wont connect to the server to process.

    They charge the fee when u buy it there, for example, when u buy a $250 Pre Paid card there is a $7.75 Activation Fee, then to use it online you have to activate it by entering ur adress info, As far as the issue u had, i never had that. I do know that when u buy the card there are no transaction fee unless its a Foreign Transaction (as in I live in canada and it would be free to use in canada, but if i use it say in cuba it will charge).
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  9. A problem with these, is that if you want to use them online for any kind of online purchases, you have to visit their site at "" to register your billing info on them. It cannot verify your vanilla card, as there is no information linked to it (your name, billing address, etc).
  10. No, i have done all that, and i called and they even said there is a issue, and are looking into a fix to the problem.
  11. Often times you cannot buy a recurring service or product with prepaid cards, I have had this problem before because I didn't look into it
  12. I know, But this is a Issue for a one time payment, when u go to checkout using paypal, thats where the issue is.
  13. I probably will not own a vanilla card, but thanks for the info finchy :3
  14. Vanilla Prepaid cards is now fix, and you are able to add them on Paypal again.

    I can confirm this as i just added the card to my account and made a payment.
  15. Ah, I was about to add in..for vanilla prepaid cards you need to call the phone number, (1-877-something-else) I believe, and input your area code for online shopping.
  16. You have to register your card online also, but the issue before was there was a bug in their system.