Vacation, res got deleted

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  1. I was on a vacation to Turkey and I come back on the server and my res just got deleted and some other guy named juicycat just owns it now.

    Is there anyway for me to get my res back I've been playing on this server since it started

    smp 4
    res 9319
  2. No old res' can be returned, the only way you could have kept it was to message IceCreamCow on forums before the vacation to prolong the derelict status on your residence, so I am sorry but you will have to start over ~FDNY21
  3. I was only gone for 10 days I dont get why it even got deleted, I thought it took longer than that for a res to get deleted
  4. it is 15 days for a residence to go derelict to be taken, if it was just 10 days it is impossible ~FDNY21
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  5. We are talking in the last few weeks arent we? ~FDNY21
  6. Yep we should I just came back
  7. It takes 15 days for a residence to go derelict so it has gone past 15 days you have not logged on and someone has taken the res, there is no way of getting it back, I am sorry but you will just have to find a new residence and start over, but at least you still have your rupees ~FDNY21
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  8. He said it was only 10 days.
  9. Well I'll think about starting over again because the time and work that I put in this server and my res was quite a lot. It's quite a tragedy to see it all go to waste
  10. If it was only 10 days the res should still be under their ownership hmm? ~FDNY21
  11. You were absent for 20 days. Our derelict policy is quite clear and your res became derelict after you were absent for 15 days. 3 days later Juicycat force claimed a derelict res at a cost of 5000r to themselves (so not doing it just to be vindictive).

    I am sorry you lost your res but it is the same deal with every other player. Either you protect your res by logging in, voting or supporting or by requesting protection to cover an absence or your res will become derelict and be available for other players to force claim.
  12. If i claim a derelict res with an existing building on it and pay the 5000r, will i take over the building as well? Or will it be just empty anyway?
  13. It will empty the whole residence ~FDNY21

    EDIT: Anything in an item frame will drop onto the res ground and you can take it too I believe
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  14. Wasn't that changed? I believe entities don't drop... Or Aikar was trying to make it do that.
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  15. About a month ago it still dropped it I believe as I claimed one myself (might be a bit longer) but I am not sure if it still does it, but yes it does reset the res ~FDNY21
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