/v +ww2 on smp7!

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  1. Hey, did you know that /v +ww2 on smp7 sells gold cheaper than /v +budha? and did you also know that /v +ww2 will soon be selling flags of nations! Well come on by, opening is soon but almost always in stock!
    Looking for restockers to.
    apply like this
    Played, Time
    Why you should be restocker
    What will you restock [ Gold is needed ]
    Anything else needed

    EDIT: Its still in progress, but chests are set up
  2. How much does gold sell for there?
  3. 16 for 175r :)
  4. That sounds underpriced to me.....
  5. Ehh
  6. I would like to work for you
  7. Do the application please
  8. Brandtitus
  9. I want to earn r to buy materials for my house
  10. Incorrect application, go by what I put please. and 54 can be anything
  11. What does place,time