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  1. /v +Tah, SMP4

    Hallo, Here is Tahitan with something new. After over 200days on EMC I have finally decided to make a museum. This museum is worth over 25million with everything included. /v +Tah displays many unique staff heads and promos. I have gotten many good feedbacks on the build and I appreciate it.

    Events: (Will be Posted)

    Did you find something interesting at /v +Tah and need it for your museum? Don't hesitate and ask, I am willing to lend many of the items displayed. Did you find something I don't have and are willing to lend? Don't hesitate to ask I would appreciate anyone lending anything to me!

    Gift Shop:
    /v +Tah isn't just a normal museum, /v +Tah has it's own very special gift shop to sell anything EMC wants!! This Gift Shop sells all extra
    promos and staff heads /v +Tah owns.
  2. Thanks from all the in-game support!!
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  3. BUMP, Expanding the museum!
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  4. The Gift Shop has been built and is ready to be used!!
    Note: I will be still adding some sections to The Gift Shop.
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  5. BUMP
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  6. Awesome! I'll be sure to check it out!
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  7. Thanks
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  8. BUMP
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  9. It said no residence can be found for that tag
  10. probably because you're on the wrong smp..
  11. Hey Tahi, you may want to state the SMP you are on as people don't know which server to /v +tah on :)
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  12. May I ask how exactly 25,000,000 was calculated XD?
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  13. Lol
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  14. You will see. I have 1 Item that only 1 player on EMC has.
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  15. I'll be sure to check it out when i get on later :)
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  16. See you added SMP4 to the top, nice :) As for this item... What is it? :rolleyes:
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  17. Well you must wait and see.....
  18. And the suspense begins... :rolleyes:
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  19. and im stuck in an outpost on smp4... :/