/v +rr The River Run traiders town

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  1. this new store is good.. but what does it have?
    First off it has mama' lil bakery
    best foods in town. Where you can buy food to take hunting. Or go in the freezer and get raw meat to cook or trade with villagers.
    you go directly there with /v +rr food

    we have the random item store. There are including nametags saddles and some random stuff that is sellable. We also sell arrows and bones for a real good price
    you got to /v +rr collect for that randomness

    We have an eggshop that has most eggs buyable today.
    we have cats. Dogs. Cows. Villagera. Name it we got it and for a nice price to. On the top floor. We have horses divided into speed groups. So you can buy a cheap slow one. Or a bice fast steed
    to go there you go to /v +rr egg

    We have the typical ore and block shop. We have grass. Ice. Stone. All the ores and some nether fun
    to go there /v +rr magic

    Then ofc we have the potion shop. Need to swim for a long time? Want to see better in the night? Or swim in lava? or perhaps just have a healing potion on hand. We have it all. We halso have damage potions i splash form. You throw them and damage you mob before striking your killing blow. Come see it
    for that store go to /v +rr potion

    Soon we will also have a gearshop. Its in the making still. But we will have some nice god stuff. Some nice middle stuff. Wepons and tools with pretty enchants. Stay tuned it will open.

    We have a good friend that on the same server has to store +books where you can find all the enchants you want and need. Take a look at this place. Its both amazing and easy to manuver since it has nice cattegorys

    We are on smp6 come visit us. We wlcome you and your friends
    River Run Traiders Town. For everything you need
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  3. Which server?
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  4. Smp6 all the way kev :)
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    see yah on smp6 ya'll
  6. New at River Run we now have a Bulk Bones Supply. Enter the Random Goods store on your left and follow the sign to DC's of bones just ready for your tree machine or vege garden.

    So head to +rr soon for bones!