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  1. I have recently updated my v.i.p room.It now includes a FREE daily gift and a safe storage room. Entrance fee has been reduced to 15r for unlimited entry! Talk to me when i am on to join!
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  2. I am a v.i.p and its awesome you should join it!:cool:
  3. what server is it on?
  4. Its on smp3.
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  5. What res.?
  6. the v.i.p room is having...... "problems" it will be back up soon
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  7. Thx for making this room for it was nice of you.
  8. elizabella, i will pay u 15r right now! is it access signs, or do u let people in?
  9. its access signs but we r having trouble with the v.i.p room and it will be running again shortly
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  10. I'll join when it's back 'up'