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  1. Hey ladies and gentlemen! It's time for another big announcement! (if you didn't know)
    Most of you will know, /v +Whitehouse was blown up around 1-2 months ago, so a new and improved mall could be in its place.

    In around 3-4 weeks this new mall will be opened :) This mall will be stocked as much as possible and all profit will go towards my next MEGA MALL! So make sure to check it out. This is on smp8 :)

    Announcements will be posted on this thread to keep you updated :)

    Here are some photos as the /v +HJMall currently does not have a move flag :)
    2014-09-07_15.30.27.png Sneak Peak at the green floor (Ores and Gems) 2014-09-07_15.30.51.png
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  2. Nice, SMP8 finally gets another shop that I can go to when I realize I'm too lazy to get anything myself. :D
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  3. Smp8 :)
  4. MALL is now opened #BUMP!
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  5. I will be posting on this thread when I stock large ampunts of diamonds, beacons and quartz so make sure to follow this thread :)