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  1. We already have /v open to find available reses, but a lot of reses appear to be available, but still "derelict" rather than "open." Suggestion: /v derelict
  2. The force claim was not made for people to target derelict users.
    It was made if you had like a residence and you really wanted a residence next to it.

    Having a /v derelict option will make people able to target derelict users e.g. taking down someone's work with no reason.

    If you really need to have a command to find the derelict residence, you don't need it more than a /v open residence :p
  3. Oh. I thought when they went derelict the contents of their residence were already removed. I've only come across empty ones. I didn't realize you'd just be targeting and destroying work. Fair enough. Suggestion is a bad idea.
  4. I do think its a good idea, yes you might be getting rid of someones work, but at the same time they dont even play because they are derelict. Because they havent played for so long they deserve to loose there place and get removed with someone that does play. And will do something with that res.
  5. Before I became a supporter, I would go derelict in 30 days. What if I suddenly lost internet connection and had no way of telling the EMC staff about it, and wouldn't be able to log in for 32 days. Would I deserve to have my residence wiped then?
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  6. You wouldn't deserve to have it wiped at all, that is not your fault. However, couldn't you ask a neighbour to borrow their internet for a minute, or one of your friend's internet, or maybe just turn on mobile network on your phone if you have it just to quickly message staff what has happened? :p

    EDIT: Or other family, you could ask to borrow theirs too if all else fails?
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  7. If you're me and never talk to your neighbours, and the one time you have it was to call their son an idiot to distract him while your brother lobbed a stone at his face (it was justified, k? He beat my sister with a stick while she was playing outside >.>) over the fence 8 years ago, then, um... no :p And most people in my street are old and don't use the interwebz :c

    EDIT: As for the family part, about 90% of my family live in different countries to me and those that do I have three relationships with them: i'm not on good terms with them (as in my mum has sibling rivalry, I called my aunt a, erm... thing... and my uncle hates me and his kids do too), I don't see often or they're old :p
  8. This would definitely vary on the person, but even with all that being said, schools, colleges, universities, workplaces, libraries, mobile network on your phone, god forbid I even say McDonald's, even if you do not have someone you could go to, there are a lot of places you could go to to vote just once to reset that timer and/or to get a message out to the admins :p
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  9. Yay FD FTW :)
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  10. Or if your neighbors were nice enough, they'd vote for your plot without needing your permission. I vote for my neighbors very often. Some every single day <3