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  1. Please visit my shop at /v 853, server smp1. For now there is only wool, but there is plenty in stock. Feel free to sell small amounts as well. The price for wool is 12r per 8. This equals roughly 100r per 64. Hope to add stone and cobble soon.
  2. I'd suggest potentially bringing the price down to 10r per 8 whenever you can. Other than that, I like your ambition of advertising a small shop on the forums. Well done. :)
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  3. At the suggestion of a fellow player, Qwerty, prices have been lowered to 10r per 8. Selling is 6r per 8. Stone types to be added soon still. Don't forget /v 853.
  4. Lol, yw :p
  5. I need to know what my customers want the most! Post here and what ever is most popular will be added next. I already have requests for glass, carpets, and glass panes.
  6. Wood. Promos. You're set. :p
  7. Thanks for your input.
  8. Wood and glass
  9. Sandstone, Quartz,
    Stone, stonebrick. :p
  10. Thanks, brickstrike.

    Carpets have been added to the ground floor! Yes! There is now a second floor!
  11. Ya definitely stone. Also, just to give personal feedback my max pay for a stack of wool is 70r. Hope the shop is doing well!
  12. Glass and glass panes in all colors have been added. I will not be stocking this myself! The glass and stone sections will be stocked by my customers. the next two sections that will be added are wood and stones.
  13. How much does it pay to sell stained glass panes to your shop?
  14. If you plan to sell cobble, I suggest you make an efficient cobble gen
  15. Wood logs and planks have been added. Glass is 1r per. I will work on upping the payment for selling to me.
  16. Smooth stone gems are more efficient and there are a few public ones.
  17. Ok the prices for glass are being updated. It is still 2r per piece but selling htem to me is no longer 1r per piece... you get 10r for selling 6 pieces of stained glass panes.