Utopian citizens I need you're help

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  1. I want to build a much more easy xp farm.I know how to make it but I need you're help to find were slimes spawn if you know were slimes spawn reply and we'll work out a time and you can show me were.How it works is it drowns the medium and large slimes and then the little slimes climb up to the xp gathering place and they take one hit by a fist.
  2. is that the slime farm on 777static777 you tube?

    i don't think slimes would make a very good xp farm as they spawn too slowly, not to mention you'd have to flood or half slap all the caves in the area instead of just lighting them up.

    At any rate, utopia widerness will be reset on thursday, so maybe build it then - because it doesn't matter if we know where slime chunks are now, they're all going to be different on thursday.
  3. I don't think those kind of things are allowed..
  4. I don't see why not, slime farms aren't much different to mob farms, except you light them up.
  5. Aha no I mean the the slime chunk finding tools..
  6. Oh I see. I don't think they'll work anymore anyway as the server no longer sends a seed.
  7. Ahaha
  8. Apamment's slime chunk location guide:

    Step 1. Go exploring in caves
    Step 2. Find Slime
    Step 3. Note coordinates
    Step 4. Profit.
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