utopia wild base

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  1. Hey everyone, I thought I would just post some pictures of the wild base I am making in utopia. It's going to take me a bit since I have been working on other stuff as well, but when I get progress done I will post more pics. Also no I will not tell you where it is. Maybe sometime in the future once it's done I'll show some people. But that's a far way out.
    Finished the wall>>>>>http://imgur.com/oGea1,VB2e0,h1s8B
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  2. Pretty cool. Was that natural, or did you terraform that a little bit?
  3. the cover was natural, the back cliff has a giant hole in it, I'm thinking of just putting glass in it though for an observatory. And thank you. :)
  4. Looks really cool.
  5. Post edited with new pictures, the glass wall if finished.
  6. That's awesome!
  7. Love it!
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  8. Me and my Wither shall visit there soon. Dont worry hes tamed :)