Utopia Wholesale Farm Shop & Job Opportunity

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  1. @ lot 5237 in utopia.empireminecraft.com, myself and burner4747, we have a wholesale farm.

    We have the following products for the following prices:
    Raw chicken, 64 for 30r.
    Feathers, 64 for 30r.
    Eggs, 16 for 5r.


    We will need a worker to help with the tree farm and with the other stocks (eggs mostly). we have 3 functional chicken machines, so that will be easy. please personally contact either myself or burner4747 if you'd like to work for us.

    ALSO: for SPECIAL ORDERS, please personally contact ME. that means for mass amounts of one item, special prices my be negotiated.
  2. says i don't have move permission for that residence
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  3. same id like to get feathers but it wont let me on the res :(
  4. sorry sorry you guys its my brothers lot and he just decided he wants to move it to another lot. hes starting some building project so not even i am allowed on the lot. hes setting up some chests for me later so ill be able to get everything and move it to my utopia lot, so just be patient! tomorrow night at most.
  5. i have about 30-40 stacks of feathers and raw chicken, so i hope youre excited/ready to buy haha. they've been sitting in chests for awhile now.
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  6. i am i have 160 r right now need this guy to pay me the 21k for the silk touch pick i sold him
  7. that's fine! one again, it will probably be all sorted out by tomorrow night.
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  8. okay everything is ready. lot 5305 in utopia.
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  9. ran out of inventory XD
  10. damn, then youre gonna have to wait a day or two until i restock!
  11. lol my inventory with chicken and feathers
  12. haha nice. i wont be on much this weekend, but i will tell you when i have those chests filled again.
  13. just by the way, haha im not out of stock on raw chicken and feathers. you just filled your inventory :)
  14. I no will be buying more once i get back home lol
  15. I bought all the feather :D
  16. Darn ohh well ill wait but i still am getting the raw chicken :)