Utopia town for non supporters.

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Which is better

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A Town hall 8 vote(s) 61.5%
Large Farm 5 vote(s) 38.5%
  1. Im making a town for non supporters on 5274. You wont have the whole res just plots on it. Pm kylanrock8 and we can talk.
  2. Expect to be griefed, if there will be a lot of people in it.
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  3. I'm a supporter, and I'll help you in this!!
  4. I would like to assist you with this please tell me how I can help you!
  5. I suggest just making a public auto farm (melon or pumkin) using pistons and redstone, making a town and giving people perms would be like yelling "FREE PERMS COME DESTROY MY HARD WORK" :p
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  6. You can help by going on utopia and talking to me.
  7. You can help by going on utopia and talking to me.
  8. You can help by going on utopia and talking to me.
  9. Okay heres the deal non supporters are asking to be staff. This will not happen. Non supporters LIVE in the town. Supporters CONTROL the town. As this is server was made for them.
  10. I already have an auto at 5227
  11. Also i will be talking with admins and it may be possible to ban greifers for greifing the town.
  12. Get on utopia and give me flags i need to use it.
  13. Not if you give them flags....
  14. Ya. Perhaps supervise them while the build, take away their perms, and then give them acess signs?
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  15. There is a switch on the left next to the beginning of the melons with an [access] sign.
  16. Good idea
  17. Ur res is right next to mine.
  18. Okay everyone its up im ready.
  19. Well im making a application to live in my town. This is for non supporters. A supporter application will be on Supporter Discussion.
    Minecraft name:
    Thats all. I will accept NO other format just pm me the application filled and we will reply with a yes or a no.
  20. How do u remove a forum
    this is over nobody appreciates what im trying to do.