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Do you *as diamond or gold supporter* use utopia?.

Yes, all the time, i almost never go to smp. 2 vote(s) 25.0%
Yes, some times, maybe 50%. 3 vote(s) 37.5%
Yes, almost 25% of my minecraft time. 3 vote(s) 37.5%
No, i never use it. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
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  1. This short thread is to say, is utopia really needed? i mean, yes, it is, it's diamond and gold supporter's home, but, i never see more than 3-4 players online in there, maybe that server "power" could be placed into more slots to smp servers, maybe setting utopia to max 20 players and giving 10 extra slots to the other 4 servers...

    *just an idea*
  2. im on utopia alot during the slow hours... i mine there.. alot.. my wife is usually there too. so we are usually 1 or 2 that are on there. but sometimes you like that, the emptiness of utopia.. vs the hustle and bustle of the big brother servers.
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  3. The available slots on a server are determined by a number of factors, not just by the technological capabilities of the host server. If you consider the sequence of events when the server slots were increased from 45 to 60, you may notice that the chat changes were implemented just prior to it. Up until then 45 slots were pretty much the maximum amount utilised because any more would cause the chat to flow so fast you would need to do screenshots or have improved chat to read it. After the chat changes, the town chat was much quieter because of local chat in the wild/nether, and it allowed the maximum available slots to be increased to 60. :)

    Also, as ismooch pointed out, utopia is a great place to unwind a little after the loudness of a busy smp server, and as more players become supporters and claim residences there it will get busier over time. :)
  4. Well thanks for the answer, maybe increasing the slots isn't the best option, it would be awesome an smp5 but the problem is that people can't migrate residences from 1 server to another, so the people that has their slot at f.e. smp3 will always be at smp3 and not other server, maybe yes to visit or buy, but, you get my point...
  5. If the servers are rented,I think you should change to a cheaper hosting plan for the utopia server.
  6. I always play on utopia now, I only go to other servers if I need to buy things. Sure, there's not many others on there at the moment, it is growing slowly, and if no one plays on it because no one else plays on it, then it's a bit of a chicken-egg senario.

    The wilderness perks are nice, no hunger, no falling damage is good. Less people also means more unspoiled wilderness, and more unexplored places. There is also a kind of (false?) sense of security that with wilderness being for supporters only, there's less likely to be griefers.

    It would be nice if there were more attractions in utopia, some shops would be nice, maybe some tourist attractions like SMP1 has with the graveyard and pool. Things to encourage non-supporters to come visit.
  7. Im working on a nice Hotel, and i also saw a ''world tour'' something, where someone is building the eiffel tower and a piramide!
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  8. The "power" used by the server would not be less if it was set at 10. It only uses up resources for how many players are connected.
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  9. Dude, its not happening, you are jealous tht you cant go
  10. oidgod, please be open to others ideas we are a community full of different view points. Next time try stating your feelings and ideas without attacking someone else.
  11. Ok, ifutopia goes, im not gonna be happy
  12. Oid, copher was just asking if utopia is really necessary to which people have answered him, it is not as if the decision to remove utopia is going ahead, in fact, if something like this where to happen (Which I know will not) Justin would post something about it in the Empire News or supporter discussion forums, so sleep without worry, Utopia will NOT be removed. :)
  13. Indeed, i don't know how you manage you'r servers but my idea was because of a simple statement where i see smp1-4 full and utopia empty...
  14. I pay the money myself
  15. Listen.. both oidgod and copherfield.. please stop being disrespectful to one another.
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  16. I just kindly added to his post, since no moderator/admin moderated his comment, i decided to give him my answer, please be more consequent when you moderate before asking me for respect.

  17. Actually, justin already had talked to Oidgod, and then you retaliated anyways. So to be completely honest, that makes you more in the wrong than him. Because the issue was passed and you kept it going. Now, if you want to attack me thats fine, but please do not say that no one was viewing the forum. someone said something to both disrespectful posts that both of you posted. So maybe you should read the entire thread before being disrespectful to staff.

    And its nice how you deleted your comment about saying disrespectul things about another persons mother right before you decide to comment about my lack of moderation. However, oidgod quoted the post, so the evidence is still there that you did say something out of line.
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  18. Respect others the way you want them to respect you, Disrespect others and don't expect other to respect you.
    This is Science dawg

    Yeah anyways, The only reason to ever downgrade utopia is probably just for cost saving, Which can probably go into upgrading other servers.

    Another way to view OP's post, I guess.
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