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  1. I just got gold and i was wondering if it would take away my second res if i stopped paying for gold. Wll this happen, or will i keep my res's
  2. i think you get ten days before your second res is gone? im not entirely sure
  3. wow, that would suck because i have all my shop and supplies on smp6 and hotel on smp5
    i can't afford to lose either
  4. yeah, it does suck...
  5. If you stop supporting EMC, you lose any perks associated with supporter upgrades. The reason for this is simply costs. If you pay a monetary sum monthly, you are helping allow EMC to upgrade their systems, thus being able to hold so many slots/allow multiple residences. If you stop supporting, they now have to dip into other funding to then be able to guarantee system availability/ability to keep your status the same. This would not be a logical investment, in my opinion. I do understand the frustration, but becoming a supporter should be given some thought before committing to, because if you put a lot of effort into your creations WITH perks, you will lose a lot if you cannot support any longer. It is unfortunate, but a plan is better than no plan when it comes to paying monthly =) I hope this helps clear it up a little. Take care!
  6. It depends on your circumstances, if you plan to become a gold/diamond supporter again in the near future (maybe after a couple of weeks), it is likely we would allow you to retain both lots until you resupport. If you don't plan to become a supporter again however we would likely contact you after a couple of weeks to ask you about your intentions regarding supportership, and ask you to unclaim one of your lots. If you dont do so it may reach the point where an executive decision would be made to unclaim a lot for you.
    Bear in mind that there is currently no process in place to do this automatically, so it will be dealt with on a case by case basis. We do appreciate the support of course, and are certainly not going to do anything without notification and discussion with you first. I hope this eases your mind a little. :)

    Curious though, the thread title is named Utopia question, but both your lots are on the standard smp servers. :confused:
  7. Ok, I'm just not financialy available yet, as a kid, so when the end of this month comes, ill pack up one of my lots, so that next month I can unclaim. Im saving up for an AK-47 Air rifle and Mafia II, so ill be busy lol
  8. Justin recently stated in another thread that at this time there is no process setup to reclaim additional lots, which means until you hear otherwise, your second res will not be reclaimed. Bear in mind that it may be in 2 weeks or 2 months until a process is implemented, but rest assured you won't have a lot taken from you without your knowledge.
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