Utopia Obsidian Greif Party

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by Roslyn, Aug 21, 2014.

  1. EDIT TO OP! Not unclaiming residence but would like everyone to come take as much obsidian before I reset the residence!

    Residence #: 5105
    When: 2PM Pacific Time 8/21
    Heres a picture:

    No use in keeping this residence if I can't really access it right?
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  2. So 5pm emc time?
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  3. its in basically 12 minutes from now and theres ALOT of obsidian that shouldn't go to waste for those who need it. There is a beacon pyramid with Haste II here - DO NOT BREAK THAT , its there to help and its Dajakoe's Beacon he lent for this somewhat event.
  4. Would love to go, no space though lol
  5. This is happening now. Take anything you want except for the Beacon and its Pyramid. Those are property of Dajakoe to help speed up the mining.
  6. Shame i am missing it
  7. Bump! Utopia Cap raised to 60 I hear. Everyone can now come take obsidian c:
  8. i believe it was set back to 60 members by aikar earlier today
  9. Still tons of obsidian here to come take! Keep all you can mine! Remember all players can now fly and this is a good chance to grab some and make some rupees off of it!