Utopia now night free!

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  1. Ever since we added the Utopia world for supporters we have been looking for a way to make it different than the Wasteland and Wilderness. We have decided to make the Utopia always day (never night).

    I know that some players will complain "this is not true SMP". No it's not, but it also doesn't infringe on other players who would rather stick to the Wasteland or Wilderness. The truth is that we need to keep attracting more supporters in order to keep the server running and expanding. This will hopefully attract new supporters as well as reward those that are already help out.

    Also this may be an advantage if you are only looking to explore without camping every night. But as Notch expands the game you will not kill as many monsters, thus not earning as much XP for in game rewards.

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  2. This seems quite appropriate for a place called Utopia.

    Now there is an element that actually make it strongly utopian.

    I've discovered that all daytime in a world is quite a boon. :)
  3. Good. Is Utopia just like the wasteland only day???? Also why is tat not sold anymore?
    Thank you!
  4. Not sure I understood this question?
  5. Probably meant tnt? Dunno, just a suggestion, But if u mean tnt, there are a few people that sell it Hash:)
  6. *evil laugh*...