UTOPIA - Nordic Castle

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  1. Hello everyone!

    For the past few months I've been working on a build in Utopia, and I need to gush about it.
    It's a nordic-themed castle built on a mountain, with a village below.

    This build wouldn't've been possible without all the donations I've received:
    Thank you Olaf_C, Ozmos, Prestiged, Hasorko, Agitating, Severuex, Shadowcrab, and AbdominableGaming for the build materials and rupees. I also couldn't've done it without XER0X's ever so convenient mall, and HxCami10 and JediKittySC's bulk service.

    I also have a few promos and subscription vouchers for sale inside, for those who want to help fund future builds :)

    Some pictures:

    For those interested;
    Full album here.
    Res utopia 5782.

    Materials Used:
    Stone: 256 stacks
    Stone bricks: 43 stacks
    Spruce logs: 100 stacks
    Wood, dark oak: 65 stacks
    Wood, birch: 75 stacks
    Dirt: 73 stacks
    Snow: 8 stacks
    ...and a lot of other misc stuff.
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  2. bootiful! :D
  3. WoW!!!

    I love this!

    hmm.. it loois familiar though... have I seen this building somewhere before?
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  4. Hehehe. Used to be at smp1, I finally caved and moved it to utopia for flying and road edit freedom u,u
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  5. Nice Building amadia!
    Hope to see more amazing buildings from you and other players!
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