Utopia Lagggg is getting worse!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Eclipsys, Feb 4, 2012.

  1. Hello!

    All people who play on Utopia mustve noticed the annoying laggggg. All the supporters have Mega farms on their residences, but this is madness. Shooter00s residence generates SO MUCH lagggg, that i cannot move normally or build normally.

    I'm laggging really reall bad...

    Cant there be some Commandment about having too big farms? And could they maybe be made a little smaller?

  2. Just do what my sig says, it solves all problems
  3. And what might that be :p?
  4. Any mods who can give their opinion about this please :p?
  5. I can take a look to see if their is a problem :)
  6. I know, like on Superdog93's res over 1000 chicken! Im lagging he*Goes silent* are we going to do? ( example of lagg.)
  7. fus ro dah
  8. thx Justin :D
  9. My farm doesn't lag..
  10. I'm not pointing fingers :)

    I'm just saying my laggg has gotten worse during the time that i've been constructing the hotel. Like, i place blocks, then suddenly i freeze, and when it unfreeze the blocks have been placed double, upon each other.

    Theres a small chat laggg, and when i walk i tend to rubberband a little (Rubberbanding; glitching back to where u were standing previously)
  11. its sometimes to on smp1
  12. try using spoutcraft XD
  13. Oh, I generally get that lag all the time, lol. I thought you meant just un-able to move lag..

    And yay, no fingers pointing at me ;)