Utopia just went down and I'm stuck

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by sgx2000, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. can you kick me off Utopia so I can join another SMP while Utopia gets fixed?
  2. The wait begins =X
  3. Try to PM a mod. ISMOOCH is on right now
  4. not sure a mod can fix this, think an admin has to do it
  5. No, Mods can.
    If mods can ban im pretty sure they can kick
  6. i'm free, yay
  7. um now i have a bigger problem. i just logged into Utopia and i was stuck in a block out in the wild and it was killing me... i disconnected before it happened but how can i log back in without dying?
  8. have a mod tp u to town right when u log on, set it up with a moderator on the site PM b4.
  9. Break the block below you.
  10. yeah i just tried logging in again to see if i could use my pick to break the blocks and it wasn't working so i'll need help
  11. Are you far out in the wild?
  12. yeah, i was definitely underground in the wild mining but i dont know exactly where on the map