Utopia Iron Farm Griefed!

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  1. Well the utopia iron farm has been griefed. :( whoever did this is not a good person, allengero spent his time building this and we all enjoy it except you! the person who wrecked it. Please make sure this person is banned forever because it is bad, thanks and hope to see it fixed soon.
  2. Sadly there are people who will do this... :(
  3. how do u grief an iron farm... i mean if they took out the villagers, jsut replace it... and they couldn't of possibly taken the ENTIRE iron farm down... could they?
  4. You grief an iron farm by damaging it without fixing the damage...
  5. This is me before Greif :)
    This is me after Greif :mad::eek::oops::confused::(
    This is what I want to do with the Greifer,
    Aikar, time to get some Gunpowder and Sand together and lets have some fun with this Kid...
  6. Have you PM'ed a mod? At least we will know the person who did it will be banned.
  7. Also, time to go to work on fixing it, time to do some good deeds
  8. I would like to spend some nice bonding time with this griefer and a sledgehammer. :)
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  9. and some muffins
  10. well the whole front is wrecked and a big mess of water and lava :(
  11. Me, QDude, and 5weety are on it guys, No more worries. We will be contacting Allengero/Todd_Vinton whenever Todd is not AFK :p
  12. Thanks so much! :)
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  13. It's part of being a Empirian. :)
  14. The Empire Repair Team:

    We repaired the farm under 1 hour, we tried our hardest to make it look like it was before.

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  15. The team consists of me, jmb6362, qdude, and apocryphan